The Dashboard is the overview page displayed when you sign in.
The Dashboard is an overview of your account, covering all affiliated events. Access the Dashboard at any time by clicking the section at the top of the Admin.
The Dashboard displays the following features:
  • Recent Activity. A quick look at recent ticket sales, revenue and conversion rate (of pageviews versus total sales). You can click the left column to switch between these three views and change your date range (within the past month, the last week or the last 24 hours) with the buttons in the top right. You can also mouse over the node for an individual date for a quick look at sales from that day. Metrics from sales within these time ranges also appear in the right column underneath the graph.
  • Upcoming Events. A brief list of your upcoming events, including date information and the location of each event. You can also see a broad snapshot of all sales for the event (faintly visible in the background of each listing) and quickly access useful options, including the Event Overview, Guest List, Edit Event and View Listing.
  • ​​Quick Search. (Available on all pages.) Search for events, coupons, customers, venues and templates.
  • Favorites. Add any event or your most used pages to the Favorites section in the left column of your Dashboard. The Add Favorite button will appear on pages that can be added to this menu.

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