Embed an Events Widget

Embed an Events Widget

Embed the Events Widget on your website to display a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Click the Connect section.

  • Click Events Widget in the left sidebar.

  • This page will allow you to create a custom Events Widget for your seller account.
The widget can be fully customized and will always list your seller account's upcoming events for buyers to click on to view each event's ticketing page.

  • Display or hide the Title Bar

  • Add Title Text to add a headline (i.e. Upcoming Events)

  • Set the maximum Number of Events to be displayed

  • Group events by Event Series

  • Display or hide Date Blocks or Full Dates for events

  • Display or hide Event Images

  • Display or hide Date/Time for each event

  • Display or hide Venues for each event

  • Add a Buy Tickets Link to each event (links to the corresponding event page)
Please note: Colors are assigned in hexadecimal format (i.e. #2C344B)
  • Set the Background Color

  • Set the Text Color

  • Set the Row Background Color

  • Set the Row Text Color (event information text)

  • Set the Link color (event name, Get Tickets & More Events buttons)
NOTE:  Changes to width and height are not reflected in the preview
  • Set the Width (Auto or Fixed pixel number)
  • Set the Height (Auto or Fixed pixel number)
To view the latest changes in your widget's settings, click the Preview Changes button.
Embedding a Widget
​When you are satisfied with your settings, simply copy and paste the Embed code onto your website to display it.
​Display the widget as a web page:
  • Set the Width and Height to Auto

  • Copy and page the Embed code anywhere in the <body> tag of the HTML page
Tip:  For web designers/developers interested in advanced customization features, the widget contains jQuery, XHTML & CSS3.

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