Add a Find Tickets Button to your Facebook Page

Add a Find Tickets Button to Your Facebook Page

If you've created a Facebook Page tab, now you need to make it visible on your Page.
When you have completed the setup process for verifying your account and installing the tab on your official Facebook Page, the tab is automatically added to your Page. However, the tab will typically be hidden in the More tab by default.
You can edit your Page settings to make the Find Tickets tab more visible. Click the More tab and select Manage Tabs.

In the prompt that opens, drag the Find Tickets tab to the top (underneath the About tab). Click Save.
When you have completed this step, your Page will now clearly display the Find Tickets tab, making it convenient for your Facebook fans to see your event calendar and purchase tickets.
Please note that the thumbnail for this tab (previously allowed in an earlier version of Facebook's Pages) will still appear in a less visible location on the left column of the Page. If you wish to move this up, you can click the pencil icon and rearrange these left column tabs; however, this section cannot be moved above the People and Aboutsections.

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