Create a FaceBook Page Tab

Create a Facebook Page Tab
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Creating a New Tab

The Facebook Page tab allows you to sell tickets from your organization's official Facebook Page.
Please note: You will need to connect your Facebook Page to your BrightStar account in order to use this feature.
  • Click the Connect section.

  • Click Facebook Page Tabs.

  • (At this step, you will need to connect your organization's Facebook Page, if your haven’t yet.)

  • Select the Facebook Page you want to use for your ticket sales and click Install.

  • Follow the steps listed to grant access to your official Facebook Page.

  • Click Customize to adjust the appearance of your Facebook Page tab.
  • Template. Displays a small preview of the appearance of your Facebook Page tab. Click Choose a Template to select from any templates you have created.

  • Show Template Header. Choose whether to display the header from your template in your Facebook Page checkout process.

  • Show Venue Name. Choose whether to display the venue name in the Facebook Page tab. We recommend hiding the venue name if all of your events take place at the same venue.

  • Override Event Template. Select Yes to override individual event templates when using your Facebook Page tab. If you use a variety of custom templates across your events, this feature can help you standardize the appearance of your events in the Facebook Page tab.

  • Begin on Calendar View. Select Yes to display the calendar view by default in your Facebook Page tab. Select No to display the list view by default. Regardless of which display you choose for the default, customers will be able to switch between the two.

  • Show Events List. Select Yes to display all of your upcoming events by default in the tab. Select No to open a new option, which allows you to choose a particular event to display when customers purchase tickets with your tab. (Please note that customers will still be able to access other upcoming events by clicking View All Events — this simply changes what appears when they first visit the tab.)

  • Use Category Colors. Select Yes to use our default array of colors for upcoming events in the calendar view. If you choose not to activate this option, the calendar will display the color associated with each event's individual template.
 Click Save Changes to complete the widget creation
Editing Appearance

Customize the name and look of the tab on your Facebook page:
  • Sign in to Facebook and visit your event page.

  • Click the arrow in the box on the ticketing tab.

  • Move your cursor over the image and click the pencil icon.

  • Click and select Edit Settings.

  • From this menu, you can edit the tab’s image and title.

  • Click Change to open a menu where you can add a custom image for your tab. (We recommend using small thumbnail images that are the standard size of 119x110 pixels.)

  • In the Custom Tab Name field, enter a new title for the tab (which appears under the tab's image on your Facebook Page). Click Save to confirm your new title.

  • Click Okay to save your changes and return to your Facebook Page.

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