Incentix Social Rewards

ncentix Social Rewards

About Incentix

Incentix is a marketing tool that allows your customers to receive discounts on their service fees, in exchange for sharing events.

Please note: Incentix is not activated by default on all accounts. If you are interested in applying Incentix to your events, please contact your Account Manager or send an email to 

Managing Incentix

Adjust your Incentix settings and observe your reach on the Incentix menu, located in the Promote section.


  • Click Detailed Report on this page to take a closer look at your Incentix data, including a breakdown of each type of sharing option and more.
  • You can also access reports for individual events on the Incentix table, located in the Event Overview for any event.
  • Click Single Event.

This chart displays a total of all sharing activity through Incentix across your entire account.


  • Tweet To. Enter your organization's Twitter handle. This name can be automatically inserted into the draft of all Incentix tweets about your event. (Please note: To comply with social media guidelines, you cannot force a user to tweet or post any particular message. You can merely suggest a message in the draft, which the user must be able to edit before posting.

Create drafts for the messages your customers will share when they use Incentix for one of your events.

 You can enter the following tokens in your draft to automatically insert pieces of information relative to each post:

  •  {event} The name of the event.
  •  {venue} The name of the venue where the event takes place.
  •  {to} The Twitter handle entered in the Tweet To field above.
  •  {url} A link to the event page

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