Managing Agent Tasks


The Agent Tasks menu displays all of your created tasks. Tasks are grouped under the Account Defaults heading and by event. Account Defaults are the tasks which have been applied to all of your events.

Click New Task to start creating a new task.

On this page, you can also see each task's basic details, including the respective rules and actions for each, as well as their status (Enabled, Completed or Disabled). You can use the dropdown in the top right to filter which tasks are displayed, based on their status.

Here's a quick rundown of each filter:

  • Enabled. Tasks that are ready and have not yet activated.
  • Disabled. Tasks that have been successfully created, but will not activate when their rules are triggered. (Tasks can be disabled from the Agent Tasks menu.)
  • Completed. Tasks that have been activated and cannot be activated any further. For example, a task that notifies you when the first 500 tickets have sold for an event can only activate once. As a result, the task's status will be changed to Completed once that threshold has been reached, because it can not activate again.
  • Recently Activated. All tasks that have been activated within the last 7 days. This includes completed and disabled tasks that have recently been activated.
  • Recently Activated + Enabled. All tasks that have activated in the last 7 days, and tasks that are enabled but have not yet been activated..
  • All. All enabled, disabled and completed tasks.

Click an individual task to see more specific details about the task. For tasks that have been completed, you will see timestamps for the task's activation. From this view, you can choose to edit an existing task's parameters, and you can also disable or delete the task.

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