Marketing Dashboard - What's New?

Welcome to the Marketing Dashboard!

As our suite of marketing-focused tools has grown, we’ve identified the need to provide clearer navigation and better demonstrate the value of each new feature in the Admin. The following guide will help you understand the features of the dashboard.


The Promote and Connect sections have been removed. All features from Promote and Connect are now located in a single section: Marketing.
  • The exception is Sidekick, which is now located in the top-right Settings menu.
  • Features in the Marketing section have been organized into five categories on the dashboard:
    • Social Media
    • Email Campaigns
    • Event Calendar
    • Tracking Tags
    • Marketing Accounts
  • Click the ellipsis (...) buttons to see more options for any given block.
  • The Buttons page is still accessible in the sidebar, but not featured in the dashboard.

New Names

In the interest of clarification, we have updated many of the names of the Marketing tools. Changes are detailed below:
  • Email Campaigns
    • formerly Email Outbox
  • Marketing Accounts
    • formerly Analytics
  • Event Calendar
    • formerly Seller Homepage
  • Social Accounts
    • formerly Social Connections
  • Facebook Checkout
    • formerly Facebook Page Tabs
  • Embedded Checkout
    • formerly Checkout Widgets
  • Embedded Calendar
    • formerly Upcoming Events Widget

Intro Guide

A section at the top of the dashboard has been added to showcase some of our best marketing tools.

  • This guide outlines four recommended steps for all Impact Tickets users.
    • Create a custom event calendar URL
    • Connect Google Analytics
    • Connect a Facebook Page
    • Add a Facebook pixel
  • Click a step to visit the task being referenced. If you complete the task and return to the dashboard, that step will be highlighted in green and checked off the list.
  • Click the Intro Guide icon (⚠️) to hide this guide.
  • Click Remind Me Later to show this guide the next time you visit the dashboard.
  • Click Dismiss Permanently to hide this guide. It will remain hidden the next time you open the dashboard.

Recommendations & Milestones

Information alerts will appear on the dashboard when certain actions are completed or certain tasks have not yet been completed.

There are two main categories of these alerts:
  • Recommendations. Steps and tasks that are recommended for users. Divided into two levels: yellow (highly recommended), and blue (suggested).
  • Milestones. Recognition that something positive has happened in the user’s account. E.g., a certain threshold of ticket sales has been reached; a scheduled email campaign has been sent; etc.


For Tracking Tags and Email Campaigns, brief tables will display recent activity within these features.
  • The range of recent activity can be filtered with the dropdown above each table.
    • For tracking tags, the date span can be filtered.
    • For email campaigns, the campaign status can be filtered (Sent, Scheduled, Drafts).
  • The Tracking Tags table displays the following info:
    • Tag
    • Associated Orders
    • Associated Revenue
  • The Email Campaigns table displays the following info:
    • Campaign Title
    • Status
    • Date (related to Status)


Statuses are simple fields that indicate something about a Marketing feature.
  • There are two main types of statuses:
    • Enabled/Disabled. Indicates whether a certain feature has been connected or enabled.
    • Account Info. Displays the account name (or other info) if it has been entered into the appropriate field. For fields like your organization’s Twitter handle.

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