AdRoll Retargeting Guide

AdRoll Retargeting
Use AdRoll Retargeting to show ads across platforms and devices to users who have already visited your Impact Tickets event listings.
To set-up your AdRoll integration with Impact Tickets, please follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Create a new AdRoll account if you do not already have one:  
Step 2: Retrieve your AdRoll retargeting pixel ID numbers:
  • Login to AdRoll > Audience tab
  • Select “SmartPixel”
    • Note: may say SmartPixel Inactive if you have not yet put it on your own website.
  • Copy only the “AdRoll Adv ID” and “Pix ID” from the SmartPixel Box

Step 3: Once you have your Adv ID and Pix ID, you will need to place it on your Impact Tickets event listings:
  • Login to Impact Tickets Admin > Marketing > Marketing Accounts > AdRoll
  • Enter Adv ID and Pix ID > Save

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