Google AdWords Conversion

Use Google AdWords to implement paid search and display ad campaigns to boost your ticket sales and track performance by integrating the conversion code with your Impact Tickets  event listings.
To set-up your Google AdWords integration with Impact Tickets, please follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Create a new Google AdWords account if you do not have one:  
Step 2: Create a new AdWords conversion pixel to track which ads, keywords and campaigns are contributing to your ticket sales:
  • Login to Google AdWords > Tools > Conversions
  • Select “+Conversion”, select “Website”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in fields (Name (Ticket Sales)), Value, Count, Conversion windows, Category, Include in “Conversions”)
    • Note: the populated default field values are okay to use
  • Select “Save and Continue”
Step 3: Retrieve your Conversion ID and Conversion Label:
  • Copy only the IDs from the text box
    • Example: “874274600”

Step 4: Once you have your Conversion Label and Conversion ID, you will need to put them on your ShowClix event listings:
  • Login to Impact Tickets Admin > Marketing > Marketing Accounts > Google AdWords Conversion
  • Enter Conversion Label > Enter Conversion ID > Save

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