Search and Filter Customers

The new Segments feature has been accompanied by a total redesign of our customer search engine. While some of the changes are merely aesthetic, the search now permits deeper search queries and more useful details when browsing a list of customers.


1. Browsing Segments

Use the options provided to create a new segment or filter your selection down to a segment you have already created.
  • Click Create Segment to open a window that allows you to customize and create a new segment. (See How to Create a Segment for more details.)
  • Click Segment: All Customers to open a dropdown of all of your existing segments.
  • Once you’ve selected a segment, you can click the Edit button to make adjustments.
  • The total amount of customers in the current selection will be displayed beneath the search field.

2. Searching and Modifying Fields

o search your currently selected list of customers, enter a name into the search field. (Note: You can currently only search this field by customer name.)
  • Click Modify Fields and check the preferred boxes to adjust the information displayed in the results.
  • The following fields can be added to the customer search results:
    • Phone number
    • Number of tickets purchased
    • Number of tickets canceled
    • Number of tickets purchased (including canceled)
    • Number of events with tickets purchased
    • Number of completed orders
    • Number of events attended by tickets scanned or fulfilled on-site
    • Number of events attended by tickets scanned
    • Number of events attended by tickets fulfilled on-site
    • Total spend amount
    • Total donation amount
    • Average spend amount
    • Average donation amount
    • Average ticket amount
    • Average ticket count per order

3. Customer Results

The default layout for your list of customer results always includes some fields (such as customer ID, customer name, email, address). 

Click Sort By to sort the list based on one of your currently displayed fields.
  • Once you’ve selected a sorting option, click the arrow icon in the menu to switch between ascending and descending sorting.
As noted above, you can use the Modify Fields button to adjust what fields are shown.

The following are always shown by default:
  • Customer ID. In the left column.
  • Customer Name. Bold, the first line in the middle column.
  • Email Address. Second line in the middle column.
  • Mailing Address. Bottom of each row in the middle column.
  • Customer Details. Button found on the far right. Links to the Customer Details page for the customer.

4. Exporting

To export and download the current list displayed, click Export CSV

(Note: This export includes all pages of the list beyond the currently displayed rows.)

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